• Ann Wrixon

Neuroscience in Trauma Informed Care

This article discusses three neuroscience concepts that the researcher recommends be included in trauma-informed care programs. The researcher notes that some standard intake processes may re-traumatize individuals because of its focus on the negative rather than strengths-based. The author makes four recommendations:

  1. “redesigning information gathering processes to decrease re-traumatization,

  2. “decreasing the use of labels such as ‘anti-social’ that do not take into account the neurobiological effects of trauma on the nervous system,

  3. “the incorporation of self-regulation skills training for providers and clients, and

  4. “facilitating outcome evaluations of trauma and resilience oriented skills-based programs.

Leitch, L., Action steps using ACEs and trauma-informed care: a resilience model, (2017), Leitch Health and Justice, pp.1-10.

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